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They can apply all these in their respective area of work for the enhancement of productivity. Therefore, now a days, various universities are offering different graduates or post-graduate courses accompanied by industrial learning in the form of a combined technical understanding.
Even side-by-side many strong academicians also start working as teachers in different colleges or conduct universities research for achieving practical or professional experience.
Meeting with academic professionals from any related disciplines can also expand your ability to find a suitable job other than enhancing your knowledge. You can even join organizations or attend conferences, seminar, etc. simply to broader your network with fellow academicians.
Partnering with different industries, students usually get placed in good job profiles in diversified industries
Students get opportunities to work with industrial staff, understand their habits and approach towards problem solving
To get students familiarized with manufacturing, designing, testing and analysis, products, automation,etc.
Multicultural societies are actually mixtures of different ethnic groups and multiculturalism nowadays has been challenged by several new approaches of cosmopolitan cultures. Cosmopolitan culture values diverse viewpoints developed in population and thus maintaining a variety of backgrounds and experiences resulting from ethical, racial, class, or gender differences in the societies.
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